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What's the CCT.


Color Temperature (colo (u) r temperature) is a light source color scale, in units of K (Kelvin). Color temperature has important applications in the fields of photography, video, publishing. The color temperature of the light source is by comparing its thermal black-body radiator color and theoretical determined. Kelvin color thermal black-body radiator matches the light source when the color temperature of the light source is that it directly linked to Planck's law.
The color temperature of the light source spectrum is the most common indicators of quality. Usually represented by Tc. Color is defined by absolute blackbody, blackbody radiation and light in the visible region of the radiation exactly at this time blackbody temperature is called color temperature of this light source. It is characterized by a low color temperature light source energy distribution, the red radiation to be relatively more, often referred to as "warm light"; after the color temperature increases, the energy distribution, increasing the proportion of blue radiation, often referred to as "cold light." Some common color temperature of light source: standard candles to 1930K (Kelvin unit); Tungsten is 2760-2900K; fluorescent is 3000K; flash is 3800K; noon sun is 5600K; electronic flash is 6000K; blue sky 12000-18000K.